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Goldenlicious Catering--Your Wise Choice
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Goldenlicious Catering Your Wise Choice

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Treated differently from most catering companies, the food provided by 《Goldenlicious Catering》is not processed in factory style, whereas it is prepared by award-winning, distinguished chefs from upscale hotel who are striving to create exquisite and delicious food based on French-Italian restaurant standards and high class Chinese cooking craftsmanship in order to ensure the catering food is comparable to those provided in a star-rated hotel.

Good reasons for choosing Gingko House 《Goldenlicious Catering》's 「Supreme Catering Service」:

  1. Delicacies with a good heart – Part of proceeds would be donated to charities, a caterer with great passion and love

    Gingko House would donate part of the proceeds of 《Goldenlicious Catering》 for various charity uses.  By ordering our 「Supreme Catering Service」, you are indirectly doing benevolence to others.
  2. A caterer that can offer organic, exquisite; star-rated hotel catering services

    Gingko House has its own organic farm in Sheung Shui. The majority of the fruits and vegetables used in catering are from our own organic farm, fresh and healthy *.  It’s totally different from the conventional caterers.  On top of this, Gingko House even surpasses others by the unmatched ability to deliver in hotel catering standards.  So let us provide our 「Supreme Catering Service」 for you and deliver the freshest ingredients right at your door.
  3. Hong Kong’s first elderly team of catering – dedicated, conscientious

    Gingko House has been very successful in promoting elderly employment.  The elderly staffs are dedicated and have received merit awards in return.  In choosing 《Goldenlicious Catering》「Supreme Catering Service」, it would make your party or your event more meaningful and sensational.
  4. Celebrity chefs, top notch event planner, diversified global delicacies

    Our chef team includes a number of previous top chef from 5-star hotels led by Mr. Paul Lee who possesses more than 40 years of experience in hotel management and food business. This is an exceedingly strong and talented team.

Cater your next business meeting, function or event with 《Goldenlicious Catering》and we can even customize a menu for you.

In 《Goldenlicious Catering》, we have designed a number of menu for you to choose. “Tray Food Menu” is for your quick pick in shortest time. “Green Menu” is for those in pursuit of healthy eating style. If what you are arranging is hot BBQ Party, simply choose “BBQ Menu”.

By offering a variety of different menu options, 《Goldenlicious Catering》is committed to tantalize any food taste and to customize the needs of your events to make it a unique and memorable dining experience.

Goldenlicious Catering》「Supreme Catering Service」Hotline:8209 3088


(* Note: Original fruit and vegetables will be used in case of bad weather.)

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