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Party Style
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Decide on Theme then on Style

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To organize a party, first you have to decide on the theme, the style and then the focal point, especially in deciding on the proportional allocation of entertainment and food.  In general, the theme of the party is mostly decided by the host.  For example: wedding, a baby’s completion of its first month of life, company anniversary etc.  However, for party style, it all depends on the background of the invited guests. For example: a party mainly for young people, perhaps the focus is on “unlimited eating”, then buffet style is more suitable.

For different parties, different venues are necessary. There are venues that are in lack of space or facilities for food processing; therefore, Gingko House 《Goldenlicious Catering》is proven to be of great help.  Besides menu planning, 《Goldenlicious Catering》also provides party supplies.

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