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Party Task List
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Plan to Work and Work to Plan

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Write down all the tasks needed on a checklist chronologically and stick to it, then the arrangement would become systematic. An event calendar is most helpful in this regard.

    Sample Tasklist for Reference:
  1. 2-3 weeks before -->
    Send party invitations
  2. 2 weeks before -->
    Set menu
    Select décor style
  3. 1 week before -->
    Finalize the number of attending guests
    Design entertainment program
  4. 3 days before -->
    Order cakes
    Clean up fridge
    Prepare shopping list
    Purchase décor items, beverages, snacks, flavorings and other non-perishable stuffs.
  5. 1 day before -->
    Freeze beverages
    Wash ingredients
    Defrost meat
    Prepare dressings
    Prepare freezable or precooked items
    Sweep clean the venue
    Finish all decorations
  6. Party day -->
    Purchase fresh ingredients and flowers
    Cook food
    Re-heat the pre-cooked food
    Table decorations

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